Alcohol and Men's Violence Against Women DVD

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This new 30 minute documentary is based on research which explores and shatters the myth that violence against women is due to men's alcohol abuse. It conveys the strong message that alcohol is not the reason men become violent toward women. Told through the eyes of four women who have survived severely abusive relationships the program also provides additional insights by professionals in the areas of domestic violence, alcohol and policing. Also included is a 30 minute content-rich special features section. The program was produced at Northern Michigan University and funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, with sociologist, Dr. Ira Hutchison, and nursing department's Dr. Kerri Schuiling as Principal Investigators.


The DVD explains that while it is never easy to leave, women who are being abused will know when the time is right, and it gives them some tips on what will help to enable them to leave. It shows how the police and other systems can be use to women's advantage.

Joan Zorza - Editor, Domestic Violence Report

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