Alcohol The Substance the Addiction and the Solution DVD

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Alcohol The Substance the Addiction and the Solution DVD
DVD: 44 min

Ten percent of us suffer full-blown addiction to it. Half of all accidents involve it. American businesses spend $200 billion each year because of it. Almost half of emergency hospital admissions are due to it.
Perfectly legal for all. Perfectly dangerous for some. This dramatic new video looks at alcohol from all directions: the danger of addiction and cross-addiction; the struggle involved in admitting the problem; and the reward of starting to recover from this often deadly disease.

Shown through stories of all types of people affected by it, ALCOHOL is a 40-minute video segmented into two, 20-minute parts. Poignant testimonials from people in recovery are skillfully combined with narration from experts in the field to deliver solid information along with the real-life human impact of alcohol abuse. Each 20-minute segment helps us, particularly those in early recovery, better understand the history, effects, dangers, and recovery aspects of alcohol use and abuse. The key message: recovery from alcoholism is possible.

Part One: The Disease provides clients with an overview of alcohol including historical and cultural aspects of alcohol use, how it is used, and the cost of alcoholism to society. It examines the pharmacology of alcohol use, including the impact of the drug on the body and mind.

Part Two: Getting Better explores the feelings that motivate addicts to seek treatment. It analyzes the path toward recovery and some of the struggles we often experience along the way. Dramatic testimonials and group settings illustrate the rewards of living life without drugs--and without alcohol.

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