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Acute stress is a common symptom among working Americans. Every day it is on the rise; affecting people who are unaware that they are even experiencing it’s symptoms. Acute stress or short-term stress occurs in three stages: the mobilizing stage which prepares you to face a stressful event, the energy-consuming stage in which your body dumps stored fats and sugar into your bloodstream to give you quick energy, and the energy depletion stage in which your reserves are exhausted and you are pushed toward physical and psychological collapse.

With this "InFocus" pamphlet, the three stages of acute stress are thoroughly dissected. The reader will discover how stress becomes malignant, the symptoms of acute stress, and how to reduce and manage their stress. The reader is asked to become an active participant with his or her stresses by the suggestion for he or she to identify personal stresses. They will learn that stress falls under four categories that include: lifestyle, work financial pressure, and relational stress. Once their stresses are identified, this In Focus pamphlet advises the reader to maintain a stress diary. The reader is also provided with a list of coping strategies which includes sleeping better, incorporating exercise into their daily routines, laughing or crying, talking out their troubles, using distractions, and practicing relaxation techniques.

One person’s stress can affect other people around them. In turn, one person’s stress can become another person’s stress creating a vicious cycle. Even if the cause of the stress –certain events or situations cannot be changed, the behaviors of the affected can be changed, and this "InFocus" pamphlet is an excellent aid.

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