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Traditional digital breath alcohol testers are a great investment for buyers looking to test several times in a month or multiple times in one day. A disposable breathalyzer is a more cost-effective option for individuals testing themselves or loved ones just a few times or less every month.

This single-use disposable breath alcohol tester is accurate and easy to use. Within two minutes, anyone can test whether they are within the legal alcohol limit. Tests are conducted quickly and results are available almost immediately.‚Äč Order more than one disposable breathalyzer and share with friends and family!

Package includes a disposable breathalyzer ampule, measuring bag, and instruction guide.

Key Features
Color Changing Crystals: The disposable breathalyzer contains chemical crystals that react and change from yellow to green when they come in contact with the alcohol from a test subject’s breath. How many crystals change color will depend on the subject's alcohol level.

Display of Results:
Two red lines on the tube help ensure users understand the test results. When the crystals above the lines have changed color, it is indicative of a positive test result.

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